Today, the European University Association (EUA) has published ‘The next leap forward for transnational cooperation’, identifying nine key ways in which policy makers and universities can work together from now until 2030 to unleash the full potential of Europe’s universities, make best use of capacities and resources and maximise opportunities for students and researchers:

  1. Fully implement existing tools for facilitating transnational cooperation and other necessary system-level reforms.
  2. Facilitate a strategic discussion to ensure that transnational cooperation benefits the entire higher education sector.
  3. Centre the academic purpose of cooperation and support diverse forms of collaboration.
  4. Enable universities to consolidate existing cooperation and establish sustainable and effective governance systems for alliances.
  5. Make sure that funding for transnational cooperation, including for alliances, is sustainable and efficient.
  6. Build an interoperable European system that enhances learning and teaching.
  7. Enable synergies between education, research and innovation and streamline application processes.
  8. Support multilingualism as part of efforts to foster equity, diversity and inclusion in transnational cooperation.
  9. Strengthen the leadership and governance capacity of alliances.