Reshape the future of skills with Centres of Vocational Excellence

In a world of ultra-rapid change, we need robust vocational education and training to build a sustainable future. Whether the challenge at hand is greening our economy, implementing digital solutions in our society, trying to keep up with AI or to make sure we develop just and inclusive transitions in our communities, vocational education and training (VET) is at the very core. Because without the properly skilled people, we will simply be unable to make the change needed. Luckily, all across Europe (and beyond!), educators, national and regional governments and companies have joined forces to work together in their skills ecosystems, building warm networks that shape the future of skills together in Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE).

From 10 to 12 September 2024, representatives of all these Centres of Vocational Excellence will meet in Lyon, France, for the 3rd Forum on Vocational Excellence. On this page, you find all the information you need about the program, practicalities and registration. Are the Centres of Vocational Excellence new to you? Please find out more about this European flagship initiative in VET here, or check the results of the previous editions below.

Goal of the Forum

All across Europe, highly motivated professionals are implementing Centres of Vocational Excellence. Together they cover almost all of Europe and a wide variety of sectors. This Forum is an event by and for these Centres of Vocational Excellence, to exchange experiences, share lessons learned, inspire each other with best practices, create syngeries between sectors and cocreate solutions for common challenges in implementing their Centres of Vocational Excellence.

Forum on Vocational Excellence 2024 (