On 15 May 2024, the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities presented its position on the next EU Research Framework Programme (FP 10). The Guild urges for a future-oriented outlook on FP10. The association states that the Framework Programme must be geared towards building Europe’s competitiveness and resilience based on its scientific leadership. The framework programme needs to focus on research and innovation activities and position knowledge creation as a key objective for all its programmes and instruments, whilst building synergies with other EU programmes (including European Regional Development Fund, Erasmus+, EU4Health, etc.) to increase national, regional and institutional capacities for research and knowledge valorisation and to accelerate the deployment of new innovations

The paper is based on seven main principles, on which the association’s recommendations are based:

  • Ensure an ambitious and stable budget (at least € 200 billion)
  • Build on the instruments that have already demonstrated their effectiveness in building and strengthening Europe’s scientific excellence
  • Leverage researchers’ creativity in challenge-oriented projects
  • Embed innovation in scientific excellence
  • Safeguard research excellence through academic freedom and openness
  • Further facilitate international cooperation
  • Strengthen research excellence across Europe and reduce the R&I gap.